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Hey all you party people out there, here is my pick of the latest rockin’ party tracks. The next time you are out with friends, in a club dancing the night away or on a long drive… make sure to have these songs playin’ – they are sure to get your feet movin’, the mood … Continue reading

  • Recently I moved to Pune from Mumbai. Compared to some years ago, Pune has moved on a lot. During my days in college (2001 to 2005) when I visited the city, there were only a handful of places once could visit. The hearts of youth activity buzz were F.C. Road or J.M. Road. Camp was the place to shop, equivalent to Mumbai’s Fashion Street or Crawford market. The ‘cool’ place to hangout was Koregaon park with the mall culture, Osho culture and international brands vying for one’s attention. The old wine, the Dadars, the Shivaji Parks were the Peths… Somvar Peth, Mangalvar Peth, Budhwar Peth (I still need to get around quite a few). But with ‘n’ number of colleges in the city, the city was considered more of a stopover city for the youth – where one would get a degree or two, relax with friends, enjoy some good outings & eateries and move on in life. With big names like Symbiosis, Bharti Vidyapeeth, MIT etc. well established here, the Puneites… the residents of the city of Pune, the local Maharashtrians belonged to families that were born and brought up in and around the city. Very few ‘outsiders’ had made this city there abode. And then one fine day, the Maharashtra government decided to give away loads and loads of land to MNCs – automobile manufacturers, production houses, IT companies. The trend had started. A large number of areas were earmarked as STPs (Software Technology Park) and SEZs (Special Economic Zone). It started with a place called Magarpatta, near Hadapsar which is a good 15km. from the city of Pune. A well planned mega township came up with residences, office space, malls, community centres, large open spaces. This was a welcome break from the typical old housing structures that lined the Pune city. Looking at distances, many people wouldn’t have given it a second look but for the huge number of companies to set up shop here. The likes of Amdocs, Accenture etc. setup huge offices. ‘Outsiders’ now came into the city and before one knew the scores of residential apartments were being sold off to potential buyers, given away on rent. Who would want to travel 30km every day when one could have a home at a walking distance by the office. The trend has been growing since and has reached the other end of the city. The new IT hub in Pune is Hinjewadi, touching the Pune-Mumbai expressway and a good 15-18km from the city. Companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Cisco – all have set up shop here. And not in one or two, but all three phases of the IT Park. Places like Wakad, Aundh, Pimple Saudagar, Baner, Balewadi (yes they are all names of places within Pune, as funny as they may sound) have become hot residential hubs with a concrete jungle for one to see. The spread has been so vast and so quick that even a creeper would be put to shame. And along with the concrete boom, the real estate market has jumped leaps and bounds with double digit % rises in the flat rates over last 3-5 years. The builders, real estate agents and of course the politicians (they are the ones giving all this land away) are making hay while the sun shines. Even though I have seen so many residential schemes in Mumbai, the adverts in the ‘Real Estate’ section of Times of India; there is something unique that I have seen with the residential schemes in Pune. And that is to ‘label’ a scheme to differentiate it from the rest. Such is the obsession to vie for a customer’s attention and make up a property’s USP (or should that be FSP) that I ended up laughing at many of these ‘one-liners’, thinking do they really mean that? So who wouldn’t want to live in ‘Luxurious 2 & 3 BHK apartments’ or ‘Modern apartments’ that are ‘Limited-edition’ and ‘Cheerful’. Here are some of the more witty, funny and crazy punch lines that the builders of the city of Pune have put up with their hoardings all around the city (I do give kudos to their marketing & sales team to have come up with such ‘unique’ tag-lines): 2 and 3 BHK Adorable Homes, Modern Lifestyle apartments, Eco-housing complex Ventilated Apartments, Energy Homes (are they talking Reiki) Private Homes (yeah, the others are just making homes that are in full ‘public’ view) Smart Homes (I wonder if these think on their own – my owner is feeling hot, let me turn on the AC) Palatial Homes, Royal residences (yeah, with prices like that only a King or Queen can afford it) Safe homes (who wouldn’t want one !!) Well-balanced homes (hope they are talking about the balance inside and not the concrete structure) And the piece de resistance … No-neighbour apartments, No-nonsense apartments (whoever thought of these, the same marketing agency maybe)

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